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10 Minute Meditation For Rest & Relaxation

Hello everyone welcome to the new subscribers and welcome back to the Tame Tribe! Today I'll be sharing with you a guided meditation for rest and relaxation.

Before we start with our mediation, allow me to share this beautiful scenery and atmosphere with you. I’m surrounded by green trees, nature sounds, and this amazing water. These types of environments always lead to a deeper connections. Because of this, I’m inspired to share with you a guided meditation for Rest and Relaxation.

Start by sitting tall and comfortably on the mat, or lie on your back and find a comfortable position. The first thing we will do is take a few relaxing breaths. Inhale into your nose and allow the breath to expand into your belly, moving into the lungs, all the way up until you feel the breath to your throat.

As you exhale, slowly release the breath slowly for 5 seconds. Let's do it again, breathe in all the way up, exhale for 5 seconds. As you exhale, slowly release the breath slowly for the same 5 seconds. One more time breathe into your belly, into your ribs, all the way up. Exhale nice and slow for 5 seconds.

That's it. Relax.

From here, close your eyes and relax your jaw. Start by relaxing your face and your jaw. Your eyes and your ears. Relax your tongue now down your throat. Follow your breathing as you breathe into your belly, lungs, and then out from your mouth. Feel yourself in this posture as you sit or lie comfortably.

Check-In with your skin, how it feels. Now begin to move down to the neck and shoulders, move to the neck and relax the shoulders and relax. If you’re lying down you can move from side to side, or sitting up bring some psychology or body movement so that you can further relax.

With your body on the floor, move from side to side, perhaps moving slightly so that you can fully relax. Scanning your belly as you breathe into your belly, and as you exhale relax your abdominals. Move down into your hips as you breathe into your hips. Breathing Start to feel your body now relaxed deeper into this space. Now move your leg and signal for them to relax as well.

Continue breathing and scanning your body from this relaxed position. Now signal to your mind to relax. Signal to your mind that it is time to let go of everything. Tell your mind that its time to rest. Breathing.

Breathe into your mind, as you exhale, feel your mind and your body completely relaxed. With our body and our mind relaxed, breathe into your heart. As you exhale, feel the connection to yourself. Feel a heightened state of being.

Remember you are more than your body, and you are more than your mind. This is how you can relax, rest, and reconnect back to your soul. Wherever you are, breathe into your heart and as you breathe out, feel the reconnection between your mind and your body. This nice feeling that you've created inside of yourself.

Remain in the position for as long as you need it. And remember to just breathe. Breathe in, see yourself breathing in. Breathe out, carry this nice restful, relaxed state into your day.

Watch and listen to the full length guided meditation from our Youtube channel here:


One of the key practices of our Tame Your Life Challenge is incorporating daily meditation. Taking time daily to breathe, clear your mind, express gratitude, and visualize all have profound effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing. We believe that practicing meditation for just 10 minutes per day can lead to a more fulfilling experience, and is one of the pillars of how we inspire people to Tame Your Mind.

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"To enjoy your life, you must Tame Your Life."

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