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Blue Skies

Our Mission:

To inspire the world towards a life dedicated to well-being. To enjoy creating abundance for ourselves and others. To give and contribute with life-changing inspiration, music, and sacred arts.

Our Purpose

To help individuals and businesses live and create a physically active, mentally awakened, inspired life.

Our Values

Vital Energy and Health

Love and Relationships

Truth and Transparency

Freedom and Experiences

Joyful and Lightheartedness

Growth and Contribution


Our World Renown Services Include

Physical education and Mindfulness programs for Kids and Adults

AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor Training and Mentorship

One to one coaching and leadership training

Live events and Wellness retreats

Personal wellness devices - FlexBEAM

Supplement and nutrition guidance for body transformation

Our Symbol

The Tame Life compass logo is a symbol for always remembering your True North.  It is our connection to nature, the earth, the stars and our vision for changing the world.

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