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Blue Skies

At Tame Life, we believe that wellness is a journey

Our Mission:

Our mission is to motivate and empower individuals to lead a healthier, happier life.  We are committed to helping individuals create a life of balance and peace, and to enjoy creating abundance for themselves and others.

Our Purpose

At Tame Life, we are committed to helping individuals and businesses take back control of their lives and create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Our purpose is to provide comprehensive wellness coaching that is tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals. Through our holistic approach, we empower clients to discover their true potential and live a life that is truly fulfilling.

Our Values

Health is Wealth - Tame our physical body, mental health, emotional state, and connect to our higher self the greatest health and wealth this life can offer.


Follow Our North Star - Act from your heart and remember your true north.


Open and Honest - Continue to uphold and raise the standard for ourselves and for our community with integrity and transparency.


Pursuit of Excellence - Always do our best, no better no less.


Show up Gracefully - Step up and be graceful under the gravity that is pulling us down.


Be the Humble Warrior - Confident and humble knowing that it is our attitude that helps us achieve our altitude in life. 


One Tribe one Vibe - Inclusivity wellness experiences for anybody, ability, age or background as we learn how to give and grow as one community.

Our World Renown Services Include

Physical education and Mindfulness programs for Kids and Adults

AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor Training and Mentorship

One to one coaching and leadership training

Live events and Wellness retreats

Personal wellness devices for mind and body

Supplement and nutrition guidance for body transformation


Our Symbol

The Tame Life compass logo is a symbol for always remembering your True North.  It is our connection to nature, the earth, the stars and our vision for changing the world.

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