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Relationships Coaching

Tame Your Relationships: Manifesting the perfect celebration of love


Part 1: Becoming the version of yourself you want to create 


  1. Become Self Aware of your dream relationship 

  2. Eliminate all blockages and past stories 

  3. Step up and into your personal power 

  4. Manifesting within yourself the person you wish to be with

  5. Full embodiment of the new identity, belief and story 

  6. Celebrate the outcome and believe it to be true 


Part 2: Love and longevity with your better half 

  1. Double check yourself before you wreck yourself 

  2. Establish the foundation based on values, meaning, vision, and long term goals 

  3. Protecting the polarity bonds of masculine and feminine 

  4. Love them the ways they need to be loved 

  5. Show up as a sacred place to give and receive 

  6. Keep the fire burning and lightness bright

The quality of our relationships, equals the quality of our lives. Learn how to Tame Your Relationships and experience a new way of being in both your personal and profe...
Relationship Coaching
1 hr 30 min
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