Are you sometimes questioning if the life you live right now is really how you can unfold your true potential? Are you struggling to integrate your yoga on the mat to your life off the mat? Are you looking for more balance and groundedness as a safe place to grow from, spread your wings and unfold the best version of yourself? Through an ayurvedic lens, I help you practice hatha yoga in a way that serves you to grow accompanied by individual coaching sessions giving you the inspiration and strengths you need to establish the change you desire. Whether you want to focus on personal coaching or yoga, I believe that a combination of both will provide you with the best tools to live your potential and flourish. This is what I call yoga on and off the mat.

The quality of our relationships, equals the quality of our lives. Learn how to Tame Your Relationships and experience a new way of being in both your personal and profe...
Relationship Coaching
1 hr 30 min