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All You Need Is Within You Now

Tame Life Retreats

Tame Life Retreats combine a unique combination of movement, mindfulness, and motivational tools to educate and inspire transformation for building an extraordinary life.


Blending a fusion of yoga, three-dimensional movement, AntiGravity Fitness, and interval training to construct new synaptic connections while balancing both compression and decompression exercises from a variety of unique movement styles.


Experience life transformation and self-discovery as we guide you through a series of mindfulness practices, pranayama techniques, and guided meditations to reconnect the body and mind while deepening self awareness and oneness with your spirit.


Unleash the inspiration within and become empowered as we teach you essential tools to create lasting pattern changes, reignite hidden passions, and manifest the lifestyle design of your highest dreams.

This one-day incredible event will leave you feeling energized, and inspired. Held at one of Hong Kong most exclusive Thai inspired villas in Clearwater bay, at this day retreat you will get to experience outdoor AntiGravity Fitness, Red Light Therapy sessions, Inside Flow Movement, and Sound Bath meditations, all while surrounded and connected to the beauty of nature.