As a coach I have been working with different clients for more than 10 years, helping them get closer to their individual goals in terms of leadership, stress management, creative potential, wellbeing, and happiness. Realizing that more and more people struggle with busy lives, computer workplaces that don’t offer much interaction with others, and start questioning if their lifestyle serves any higher purpose I combine coaching and yoga to meet those needs and help people grow in a way that allows them to have a happier life. My background as a psychologist and coach complement my yoga teachings, allow me to give students a deeper experience and serve them on their path of inner growth towards a happier life. To me, yoga is a practice on and off the mat.

"To enjoy your life, you must tame your life." To inspire the world to take massive action towards a passion driven, lifestyle design of their highest dreams. To educat...
Tame Your Life Workshop
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