Tame Your Body With AntiGravity Aerial Yoga

"Your Health Is Your Wealth, And I Am Here To Make You Rich."


AntiGravity® Inc was established in 1991 as America's premier aerial acrobatic performance company. Conceived by the founder Christopher Harrison and his team of professionals, the entertainment company has thrilled audiences around the world for over 30 years. Comprised of world champion gymnasts, professional dancers, artists, and top-notch aerialists, the company has a rich history rooted in unique choreography, cutting-edge technology, and is world renown for pioneering new movement modalities.

AntiGravity has been seen at the Grammy awards, MTV awards, Golden Globe awards, NFL and NBA Halftime performances, TV shows, Off-Broadway in NYC, on tour through Brazil, and most recently at the Victoria Secret Fashion show. With a colourful history and thousands of performances, this company has achieved incredible success and fame throughout the years. You can find their performance company rehearsing in Orlando at the AntiGravity National Institute of Aerial Arts - a premier training center and rehearsal space for new artists and veteran performers.

2007 was the year that the creative experts behind the aerial performance company came together to create the world’s original Aerial Yoga Hammock for exercise, and the technique called AntiGravity Aerial Yoga was born. By doing so they forged an entirely new genre for fitness enthusiasts and yogis to experience the Dream Of Flight safely inside the fitness club gym and group exercise studio.

To this day, Aerial Yoga is practiced by over 100,000 people around the world and can be found in over 50 countries. With over 10,000 certified AntiGravity Instructors scattered worldwide, the technique has changed the face of yoga - evolving it from a primarily ground-based practice to the evolution of yoga in the air. A quick scroll through #aerialyoga and you will be astounded by the inspiration that this technique as lead to.


AntiGravity® Fitness is the original aerial yoga and suspension fitness technique created in 2007 and launched with Crunch Fitness in New York City. Utilising the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock, practitioners have the chance to experience Zero compression inversions, levitating meditations, aerial conditioning workouts, and FUN! The hammocks allow students to flip and fly through the air safely.

Comprised of eight unique programs, the curriculum is rooted in principles, progression training, and safety. AntiGravity offers a variety of unique aerial yoga and suspension fitness techniques to choose from. Whether you are a beginner fitness goer or seasoned yogi, the value of adding the hammock to one’s workout regime should not be overlooked.

AntiGravity® Fitness Programs:

AG Fundamentals 1&2

AG Aerial Yoga 1&2

AG Suspension Fitness 1&2

AG Restorative Yoga

AG Pilates

AG AIRbarre

AG Just Kids 1&2

AG 1on1 for Personal Trainers


Having studied yoga in India, and traveled the world with his performance troop, Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Philosophy is truly one of a kind. The ways of being both inside and outside of the studio connect the community around the world who believe in Open Up Be Free, Health Is Wealth, and that Hidden in the forces that pull us down, is energy to lift us up. This authentic philosophy embedded within the fabrics of the technique, brings students to greater mind-body experiences and inspires people around the world to Show Up.

I personally love the philosophy of AntiGravity because of the rich spiritual and transformational practices that can be utilised in everyday life.