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What Does It Mean To Tame Life


To mindfully harness your energy and redirect that force towards living a mentally awakened, physically active, inspired life.

In or mind roams beast. The beast is your ego, fear, insecurity, depression addiction, guilt shame. Your true self knows the person you are meant to become but the beast is holding you, hostage, from experiencing joy, presence, courage, confidence, bliss, freedom and love.

It is only through awareness, intention, and action that you can answer to the calling of your true self. Only then can you redirect the dark energy outward. Creating space for inspiration that will lead you to new beginnings.

It is through Tame Life that we intend to empower you on your journey for inspiration a lifelong passion for learning.


One of the key practices of our Tame Your Life Challenge is incorporating daily meditation. Taking time daily to breathe, clear your mind, express gratitude, and visualize all have profound effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing. We believe that practicing meditation for just 10 minutes per day can lead to a more fulfilling experience, and is one of the pillars of how we inspire people to Tame Your Mind.

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"Remember To enjoy your life, you must Tame Your Life"

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